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Archive for January 2010

The Presumption for Joint Custody in California

In California child custody is based on the overall best interest of the child. This means the health, welfare and safety of children is the first concern of the courts. “Despite the fact that most states, including California, advocate for the best interests of the child in custody proceedings, what that ‘actually’ means is often…

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Domestic Violence May Impact Your Orange County Child Custody Case

The National Center for Victims reveals that nearly 1.4 million people are stalked every year in the US alone. This may be considered domestic violence during divorce proceedings and may impact on child custody if there is a conviction. It goes without saying that the number of victims stalked in the US every year is…

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Not Everyone Gets Alimony in California Divorce Cases

Getting a divorce in California does not necessarily mean alimony is awarded. When in doubt about this provision, speaking to a skilled Orange County divorce attorney will clear up any questions. “Just because two people decide they want to file for a divorce doesn’t always mean alimony will be a part of the final package.…

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