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Archive for February 2010

California Prenups Can Cement Your Relationship

The latest soap opera features a couple contemplating signing a prenuptial agreement. He feels it’s not very romantic. It’s true; there’s a great deal of debate over the necessity of having a prenuptial agreement in place prior to getting married. If there were ever any questions about whether or not it was really the right…

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Checking the Divorce List Twice Before Filing for a California Divorce

Divorcing isn’t easy. Handling the various details required for marriage dissolution in California is enough to send a person into panic. Going for marriage dissolution is a tough decision, made even more difficult if there are children involved. It’s a time for second guessing, worrying about the welfare of the kids, and about the future.…

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Coercion’s Role in Domestic Violence in California

If you don’t think coercion plays a role in domestic violence in California, think again. This tactic may cost you your visitation rights with the children. While many people work hard at their jobs and their relationships with significant others and get ahead on their own merits, there are those who attempt to get ahead…

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