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Archive for March 2010

Children Used in Emotional Abuse Ploys

Sadly, many children are used as pawns in divorce proceedings. Emotional abuse can wreak havoc on them. Caught up in the throes of divorce, some people don’t stop to think that they may be using their children as emotional pawns; taking their own anger and hurt out on the kids. This is a difficult position…

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Same Sex Marriage in California Permissible

Same sex marriages may take place in some U.S. states, but not others. Find out which states allow the marriage and benefits that go with it before tying the knot. “Rather than make a major error by getting married in a state that does not recognize same sex unions, it’s wise to spend some time…

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When a Divorce Isn’t a Divorce

When divorce doesn’t seem like a viable economic solution to marital problems many are opting for a new approach. Say hello to the new “non-divorce.” “There is certainly more than one way to end a failed marriage, although traditionally speaking, it has been to go to a divorce lawyer and get a divorce through the…

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California Stalking Illegal

Stalking is one of the most frightening behaviors a person may experience. One out of every twelve women and one out of every forty-five men will be stalked at least once during their lives. Stalking in the 21st century isn’t just what we have come to associate as being the “typical” stalker-like behavior. Now, thanks…

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