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Archive for June 2010

Major Factors Used in Calculating Child Support in California

California uses a child support guideline formula to determine the appropriate amounts owed to the custodial parent. This guideline depends heavily on net income and the amount of time each parent spends with the child or children. The California Family Court looks at two main factors when calculating child support: each parent’s net income and…

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The Maggio Law Firm Explains the Benefits of Choosing Mediation

Going through a divorce can be a difficult time for couples. Not only must they decide on an attorney to hire, but they must also consider whether a divorce can be handled through mediation rather than litigation. Mediation is a practical option that can offer couples a chance to end their marriage in the spirit…

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The Essential California Divorce Document Checklist

When filing for a divorce in California, there are a number of different documents you should provide for your attorney, so that he or she can know how to best proceed in the matter. Depending on the issues involved in your case, you may wish to produce documents that date back approximately a year prior…

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Can Long-Term Spousal Support Be Terminated or Modified in California?

Long-term spousal support in California cases can be amended or terminated under certain circumstances. Supporting partners have a number of different options available to them, if they wish to pursue a modification or termination of the support they provide. In most cases, long-term spousal support can be terminated or modified at any time during the…

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