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The Maggio Law Firm Explains the Process of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a way for a couple to get divorced without going through the contentious process of litigation. The goal of a collaborative divorce is for the couple to end their marriage in a peaceful way and to create a plan for the future. Collaborative divorce is a combination of the mediation and litigation…

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Making Divorce Easier on Your Kids

In a divorce, it can be children who suffer the most. The upheaval that divorce causes can have a lasting effect on children’s lives, so it’s important for parents to try and minimize the impact of divorce on their children. Every member of a family struggles to get through a divorce. It’s not just the…

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Dealing with the Emotional Challenges of Divorce

Going through a divorce is a stressful event that can significantly impact your future, but you don’t have to let your divorce ruin your life. There are things you can do now and later to minimize the emotional impact of your divorce. Regardless of whether you or your spouse started the divorce proceedings, it is…

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