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Archive for January 2011

Three Types of Divorce in the State of California

The petitioner and the petitioner’s divorce lawyer start a divorce case by filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. They would file it in the California Superior Court, initiating the petitioner’s divorce case. The petitioner requests the court dissolve the marriage as well as child custody, child support, property, debt and lawyer fee issues. How…

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How Spousal Addiction Affects Marriages and Leads to Divorce

There are many ways that addiction can affect a marriage. Drug, alcohol, pornography or gambling addiction can sabotage trust. Trust is the foundation of any good relationship. Addiction, in general, could lead to making poor choices, risky behaviors, diminished communication, lack of attention to personal and business affairs, and sometimes even extra-marital affairs. Once trust…

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How to Maintain a Unified Front with Your Former Spouse for Your Children

Staying amicable with an ex-spouse who probably put you through veritable hell is something that is probably inconceivable. In some instances, such as when domestic violence or other egregious circumstances are involved, it is understandable or even advisable to stay your distances. However, when children are involved, partners who were once bonded by marriage will,…

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