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Archive for February 2011

Family Law Attorney Details the Mediation Process For a Divorce

During the hectic and most times tumultuous process of divorce, it is advisable that most couples should attempt to go to a mediator to at least see if everyone can come to terms with an agreement on their own without having to have the court settle things for them. Not only are divorcing people seeking…

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Child Custody is Decided Through Several Methods

Before understanding how child custody is decided, it is important to know the types of child custody there are. Types of custody include the following: Legal Custody Sole Custody Physical Custody Joint Custody Legal custody means a parent has the right to make decisions on the how to bring up the child In sole custody,…

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People Face Five Major Psychological Stages During a Divorce

Going through a divorce and ending an intimate relationship is quite possibly one of the hardest things to endure. Not only that, but feeling the loss and separation along with the entire lifestyle change and financial struggles are added stressors that make it all so difficult at times. Not to mention, if you have children…

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