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Archive for April 2011

Grandparent Rights are Relevant in California Child Custody Cases

Grandparents are entitled to have quality time with their grandchildren, even if their son or daughter is getting a divorce. Grandparent rights are not to intrude on the parents rights, as they still have authority over their kids’ lives. If a spouse is trying to prevent or ignores a request for grandparent to be involved,…

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Divorce Proceedings Can Go On Even with a Missing Spouse

Riverside, Calif. – The Chicago Tribune recently published an article highlighting the importance of both parents being involved in a child’s life during a divorce. Katherine Conger, a human development professor at the University of California at Davis, emphasized that parents should not argue or get physical in front of their children. “Parents should keep…

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Legal Counsel Needed in Divorces After 20 or More Years of Togetherness

An increase in marriages ending after 20 to 40 years is making news headlines and being dubbed “gray divorce”. Many psychologists are attributing divorces after long-term marriages to the kids leaving home for college or life on their own, and a spouse who has felt trapped or unhappy finally has the drive to begin a…

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