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Archive for May 2011

Temporary Orders Should Be Top Priority in a Looming Divorce

Riverside, Calif. – So many couples in California that get divorced oftentimes forget the importance of a temporary order. The typical scenario involves one spouse rushing to get a new living arrangement, throwing all their credit cards and important belongings into some boxes, and getting frustrated about subsequent phone calls about the kids and assets.…

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Divorcees Should Focus on the Kids and Not on Their Hatred to Each Other

Divorces typically are all about the two adults who can no longer get along and who deserves what assets, property, and privileges. Even though each spouse might equally love the children, oftentimes divorce can bring out the worst behaviors in a parent. Before, during, and after the divorce proceedings it is critical to focus on…

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Create a Good End to Marriage with Mediation

Irvine, Calif. – Divorce mediation is becoming a realistic, healthier alternative to normal drawn-out divorce battles for many couples. In law offices and the media, mediation is picking up in popularity not only because it is more affordable, but because it is an efficient, less contentious way to split. The need for a mediation divorce…

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Tackle Financial Concerns with the Counsel of a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is an intense emotional and financial process that is best guided by an experienced divorce lawyer. A key part involves calculating what an individual’s living expenses are, how children can affect this amount, and advice on how to transition to the new single lifestyle. Questions such as whether you can keep the children in…

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