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Archive for August 2011

California Move Away Cases Call For Legal Expertise

Irvine, Calif. – Divorces can cause individuals to want to take their kids out of state. Some individuals want to move as far away as possible from the ex. Others have job offers that they do not want to turn down in this economy. And some want to move back to their home state to…

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Legal Representation Will Best Prepare a Client for Divorce Court

Riverside, Calif. – California divorces seem to be creating quite a commotion this summer. From the news, it feels like divorces can be “all good” or “all bad” situations, relationship experts warn. But this is far from the truth, and couples need to have realistic expectations before they ever go to the family law courts.…

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Division of Debt is an Important Factor During a Divorce

The division of debt during divorce proceedings can be very complex. Divorce lawyers hear about incidents where one spouse decided to go on a shopping spree on a mutual credit card when the couple called it quits. The best thing a person can do when a divorce is imminent is to be vigilant in checking…

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