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Archive for February 2015

How To Make Sure Your Property Is Protected In Divorce

Orange County divorce proceedings can be complex, because these cases tend to involve aspects such as the finances and property of the spouses. Most spouses tend to dread divorce proceedings because of the uncertain future of their assets during and after the process of divorce. In this blog, we will give you steps you can…

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The Most Appropriate Time to Get Divorced

The decision to get divorced is one of the hardest for couples to take. Most divorces are known to leave a bitter mark on each of the spouses that are involved in the process. While the decision to get divorced is difficult enough, another decision that is equally important is the timing of the divorce.…

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What documents do I need for divorce mediation?

You may have heard that you need to prepare a mountain of paperwork in order to begin your divorce.  This probably sounds like an overwhelming task. The good news is that divorce mediation simplifies the paperwork process.  Instead of having two attorneys who want to examine every possible document from the marriage for litigation purposes,…

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