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Threats You Should Be Aware Of In Family Law Proceedings

Orange County divorce lawyer; The Maggio Law FirmDivorce is one of the hardest decisions for couples to take since it involves ending the relation that they had originally created to last a lifetime. Considering this, it is perhaps not surprising that Orange County divorce proceedings in courts are one of the most emotionally charged events. With emotions running high, divorce proceedings throw up sparks and verbal tirades by the spouses against each other on almost daily basis. One of the reasons for it is the sense of lack of fulfillment or guilt of the relation’s failure. Most spouses seem to want to transfer the guilt upon the other’s shoulders.

When the emotions run so high, there are several instances in divorces where one of the spouse or even both in a few cases threaten the other with verbal threats. Here is a list of a few of those threats and the importance and ultimate uselessness of such threats if any.

Do As I Say Or You Won’t Get A Dime!

This one of the most common threats that is leveled by dominant spouses against the other spouse who has been dependent on the other for support throughout the relation. At times spouse that have enjoyed authority and control all their life get stifled by the sudden change in their life in the shape of a divorce without their go ahead. In such cases, spouses tend to level such threats to try and regain control and exercise their authority over the other spouse. This threat though is simply a baseless one. Whether you will or won’t and the amount of financial support is all decided in the court by the judge and your spouse will have no direct control over it.

All These Discovery Requests Are A Ploy By Your Attorney To Raise Your Bill

The process of discovery can be important in divorce cases. Discovery process seeks to find out all the facts and information about the aspects of the other spouses life that are important to the proceedings. The primary of this is likely to be the financial position. These questions are likely to be sharp, pinpoint and relentless which means that the spouse at the wrong end of them will feel miffed and irritated. This threat is nothing but a ploy to somehow save them from this line of questioning.

I Will Go And File For Divorce Not Here But In Nevada

This threat is partially true yet the motive is all wrong. While spouses can file for divorce in other states of the U.S. besides California, you generally have to live in the state that you file for divorce in for a period of time before you can be considered a resident of that state.

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