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Archive for April 2015

Family Code 2640 and Down Payments on Marital Property

The world of law, even in family law court, is filled with complex legal terminologies and sections that have effect on the overall outcome of a whole host of cases. Family Code section 2640 is no different. When it comes to California divorce cases, Family Code section 2640 is used in several litigation proceedings.  Section…

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Tips To Find a Reliable Orange County Family Lawyer

Orange County family law cases are one of the most hotly-contested ones and rightly so. All the cases that go in the family law courts are regarding the matters related to one’s family, changes in it, or some conflicts. This means that Orange County family law cases are likely to garner complete commitment by the…

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The 7 Step Divorce Process In California

Are you a husband or a wife that has been married for two years or 22 years and have reached a place in your relationship where you cannot see the two of you existing together as a couple?  When one is looking to take a decision with regards to divorce, there can be a whole…

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Prepare Yourself For Divorce Mediation

Are you nervous about your upcoming divorce mediation if you and your spouse have chosen that course of action to resolve your case? Nervousness is one of the most common things for people to feel before a divorce mediation date. While divorce may not be the easiest decisions to make in life, the repercussions of…

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How To Keep Yourself Strong Through Your Divorce

There are seldom experiences in our life that affect us and our emotions more than divorce. Divorce is not only the separation of two people it is the ending of relation that was made with the intention of it lasting a life time. Divorce can be one of the most unbearable feelings in the world.…

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How Divorce Mediation Is Different From Collaborative Divorce

How is divorce mediation different from collaborative divorce? This is one of the most commonly asked questions in recent times coming from people trying to decide which method to choose. A larger proportion of people who tend to ask this question are spouses trying to end their domestic partnerships. Mediation and collaborative practice are vast…

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