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Archive for June 2015

Top Mistakes Men Should Avoid in a Divorce Case

One of the most common misconceptions in Orange County divorce cases is that fathers don’t have the same rights as the mothers in family law or divorce cases. This misconception often leads to the fathers shying away from their rights and ending up conceding more than they should. Out-Spending The Mother Trying To Gain An…

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Divorce Advice for High Net Worth Individuals

They say the people who have more to lose need the best adviser. This is particularly true in the case of high net worth individuals going through divorce. There are a wide variety of steps that high net worth individuals should take to make sure they are able to make the most of their Orange…

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How to Win a Complex Divorce Case

One of the largest numbers of cases that come into the Orange County family law courts are cases of divorce. Divorce in itself is a complex process that involves a wide variety of aspects for the spouses and their lawyers to cover. Orange County divorce proceedings can focus on one or all of the aspects…

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Nine Tips for Panic Elimination in Divorce

Stress and panic are two of the most common issues that people going through a divorce are likely to face. While a lot has been written about stress and how to handle it in divorce cases, there is very little attention given to panic.  Here are nine tips that will help you eliminate the element…

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Defeating the Self-Defeating Thoughts in Divorces

Have you ever had those thoughts that take you from a good mood right down to being distraught and depressed? Such thoughts are common among people that have gone through or are going through a divorce. These are the thoughts that you are unable to share even with your best friends and are only left…

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Father’s Rights in Orange County

The rights of fathers are an important area to discuss since they are equivalent in the law to the rights that a mother enjoys.  Here’s what you need to know. What rights do I have as a father with respect to the legal custody of my children? Rights In Regards To Joint Legal Custody In…

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