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Archive for December 2015

How To Push Your Divorce Case Forward

Orange County divorce lawyers; The Maggio Law Firm

When you go through an Orange County divorce, the process can be painful. Sometimes though, these divorce cases can drag on and on making life difficult for the spouse involved in the process since the spouse will have to bear the expenses of the lawyer fighting the divorce cases and an open case without resolution.…

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What Does Legal Custody & Physical Custody Mean?

Have you thought about the rights that parents have regarding their children when divorce occurs?  The subject of child custody and parental rights is not often clear or understood. Legal Custody The word legal custody defines the authority to make the choices of behalf of a child that is a minor or has not yet…

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Strategies To Reduce Spousal Support After Divorce

When couples go through a divorce, one of the two spouses that are dependent on the other financially is awarded spousal support. The concept behind spousal support is to ensure that the standard of living experienced during the marriage is maintained to a reasonable extent post-divorce. Is the court order at the time of divorce…

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Most Couples Choose to Wait Until After The Holidays to Divorce

According to divorce trends in recent years, March has earned the nickname of “Divorce Month.” December has historically had a lower number of divorce filings. Although couples may be thinking about divorce, they are often reluctant to break up during Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year, because they want to avoid additional stress during the…

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Lessons Learned About Life Post-Divorce

A divorce is one of the worst things that can happen to you in life or one of the best ones. The way you see your divorce is a actually a matter of perspective more than anything else. Yet, there is no denying the fact that unless your divorce had you being subject to abuse…

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How Long Will My Divorce Case Take?

How long will my divorce take to complete?  This is the most asked question when it comes to clients and their initial queries to their Orange County divorce attorneys. This question is almost as common as asking how much a divorce would cost them. Typically when a client comes up to you and asks this…

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What Happens To My Business In A Divorce?

The word “half” can be dreaded by those who are going through a divorce. Half their income, half their property and maybe even half the time with the children.  Along these lines, most spouses can start to think about the state of their business. Would that need to be halved? If it is half, how…

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Should You Divorce or Attempt Reconciliation?

Marital relationships can sometimes last a lifetime, but only if the people that are involved in it are in it with love, commitment and dedication. Yet sometimes, especially in relationships between a husband and a wife, things just don’t work out. There may be a variety of reasons for things not working out which may…

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Good Co-Parenting Should Not Occur Just During the Holidays

Toward the end of the year, many publications offer tips on how to survive the holiday season as divorced parents. Although such annual articles provide useful advice on holiday arrangements for children, divorcing parents should aim to develop effective co-parenting strategies that extend all year long. The holiday season is a major, emotional period of…

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