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Top Orange County divorce attorneys; The Maggio Law Firm

50% of all marriages ending in divorce in the United States is, unfortunately, a fact. Differences in income levels, personalities, education and physical appearances are just some of the many reasons why so many couples are getting divorced in the US and experts and therapists say that these reasons are very trivial especially after having…

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Best Orange County divorce attorneys; The Maggio Law Firm

For estranged couples that have decided to go the route of a court settled divorce, some states mandate a settlement conference before the case goes to trial. To understand the mechanics of such a conference and to see how it may actually be a blessing in disguise for some, read on. Encouraging out-of-court settlements In…

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Orange County divorce attorney; The Maggio Law Firm

People fall in love, get married, and start families every day. But, unfortunately, marriages fall apart more often than people would like. And one of the biggest reasons behind this is infidelity. When adultery pushes a marriage to divorce, it becomes a painful experience for everyone involved. Some divorce cases have been known to turn…

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Domestic violence Orange County attorneys; The Maggio Law Firm

The definition of domestic abuse is not limited to physical harm; it consists of sexual assault, harassment, threats, stalking, and physical injury. Violence can continue and, in many cases, increase upon separation. Domestic violence allegations play a significant role in child custody hearings. The “moral presumption” in such cases does not allow the abuser to…

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Top divorce attorneys Orange County; The Maggio Law Firm

Although different states might have slight variations in the divorce legislation, the basic structure for filing a divorce remains largely the same. Below are the key steps involved in fling a divorce petition: Filing the petition You first need to file a ‘Petition for Dissolution of Marriage’ when seeking a divorce. The person filing the…

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