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Why You Should Never Opt For A Do-It-Yourself Divorce Settlement

Orange County divorce lawyers; The Maggio Law FirmDo you really want to involve a third person into your private life? All the information you’ll ever need is online, just do it yourself. How hard can it be? You might have had these questions asked either by someone, or even yourself at some point of time. While these statements may be inconsequential when you are painting your house, during a divorce, it can just be plain wrong, a mistake that you just do not want to commit. No divorce is a fun, walk in the park sort of situation. You are not discussing what to get for lunch, you are discussing the future of your broken family and your life depends on it.

Here are a few reasons why you should not DIY a settlement:

  • Division of property or assets is pretty much final- If you two have come to an agreement over how the assets are split, signed an agreement and the order is issued by the courts, it is final and binding. In most cases, such an agreement cannot be taken back. So get a professional on it, they have years of experience with these deals, let them work on it for you.
  • Depending on where you live, the law may be different- Googling tips and tricks is a good idea, but consider how wrong things can go if the information you download off the net is completely irrelevant? Divorce and family law can be vastly different between states, there are a number of amendments and you need to always be working with the latest updated regulations.
  • Your savings will be negligible- While it may seem like a good idea to go DIY and keep away from the fees that have to be paid to lawyers, that just may not be true. Without the guidance of a professional, you are more than likely to skip out a few crucial steps or even completely neglect certain nuances that are easily covered by a real lawyer. Even worse, if your spouse suddenly springs out with legal counsel, you are going to get your arms cut off.

There’s a reason why family law firms exist in places like Orange County, and that is to make sure divorce is as smooth as possible. Divorce is not something that was ever meant to be DIY, so don’t attempt to do it. Divorce and separation are painful enough, don’t add to it.

Getting divorced in California can be complicated.  Download our free eBook, 18 Important Things to Know About California Divorce to educate yourself on the process.

divorce_attorneyGerald A. Maggio is an experienced Orange County divorce and family law lawyer and family law attorney located in Irvine, California, serving the Orange County and Riverside areas. Mr. Maggio assists clients with legal issues including divorce, legal separation, divorce mediation, child custody, prenuptial agreements, stepparent adoptions, and other family law issues. Mr. Maggio has practiced law in California since 1999, and founded The Maggio Law Firm in 2005, focusing exclusively on divorce and family law matters.



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