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Annulment – An Alternative To Divorce

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Marriage annulment is a fairly misunderstood concept owing to the inaccurate projection of its legality by the popular religion and culture. Both annulment and divorce can be considered somewhat similar in their basic underlying principle of determining the status of wedlock. However, the major distinguishing factor that separates an annulment from a divorce is the…

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Tips for Fathers Looking for Custody of their Child

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The fact that there are more working mothers now than ever, has promoted a significant increase in the child custody battles in most divorce cases. While most fathers might believe that a court of law usually favors the mother in deciding the final settlement of custody, the fact is that the primary concern of judge…

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Is It Possible To Put Your Divorce On Hold?

Orange County divorce attorneys; The Maggio Law Firm

The State of California deals with divorce cases just like other civil or legal court proceedings. If the need arises, you can get your divorce process halted by making a request to the court, or by agreement of the parties. The court of law will grant the hold only if it is able to establish…

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How Delaying the Divorce Process Can be Bad for You

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In a majority of cases, the divorce litigation process implies an exorbitant expenditure that often leaves both the parties devoid of financial resources required to restart their separate lives from scratch. An undue delay of your divorce process does not only cause additional stress and anguish to both your spouse and you, but can punch…

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