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Top 4 Reasons for Long Term Marriages to End in Divorce

Today, it is not only the young couples who are going their own ways. Women and men who are over fifty are also found ending their marriages since they desire more out of their lives. Here are some of the top reasons why more long-term marriages are ending in divorce these days.


Betrayal and infidelity are not new where marriages are concerned in fact age to have nothing to do with a person is loyal to the spouse or not. In many cases, it has been observed that when intimacy between a couple is less, one of the spouses may look outside their marriage in search of that spark that is missing in the marriage, being disloyal to a spouse is one of the major reasons why even long term marriages are breaking down these days. In reality, though, infidelity is just a tell tale sign that a marriage has problems. And eventually, this symptom may sever the bond between both the spouses.

Desire to lead an independent life

Often, women who have been dependent on their husbands all through their married lives, develop a strong urge to be independent at a later stage of their lives, This is particularly true when these women resume their work after the kids are grown up and are no longer living in the home. On many occasions, when a woman becomes more financially stable, it can be a cause to destabilize a marriage that is already not going smooth. Moreover, when a woman is more financially independent, chances are that their confidence level will go up to come out of her long-term marriage so that she can find happiness.

When a spouse seeks better things in life

People keep changing with time. When aspires gets married at the age f 26, their wants from life could be quite different from what they are looking to get out of their lives after hitting fifty. Though it could appear cliche and yet couples can grow apart with time. In fact, when these couples have very little things in common, they can start living in the same house as roommates or strangers. They want to have a strong emotional bond with a certain life partner has led to many divorcing their spouses even after a long term marriage. Many people who are going through a midlife crisis decide to end their marriages to look for a fresh identity and to alleviate the pain they were experiencing in their middle age.

Divorce does not have the same level of social stigma attached to it anymore

Today divorces are more common in many parts of the world as compared to three or four decades ago. People who remained married due to fear of being criticized by the society or due to religious beliefs today feel free to end their marriages.

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