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Archive for December 2017

Tips To Ensure That Marriage Counseling Works

Orange County divorce lawyers; The Maggio Law Firm

There is a common perception among many that when a couple goes for marriage counseling, it is not a good sign for the marriage. However, in several cases, it does not signify that there is a breakdown in the marriage. Rather, it could mean that the couple could be still united. At least, they could…

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Ways to ensure you get your alimony

Top divorce attorneys in Orange County; The Maggio Law Firm

There are various ways to help you in getting your alimony. In fact, this process can be faster when you are aware where and who should you go to for help and are knowledgeable about what your exact rights are. How to get your alimony initially? If you are requesting for alimony in the court,…

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3 Things You Must Know About Child Support

child support attorney Orange County; The Maggio Law Firm

As you and your spouse are all set to divorce one another, one crucial consideration that both of you have to make is how your kids will be looked after you part ways. Here are a few things that you should know about child support. Financial support for the kids If you have dependent kids,…

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Doing Your Homework To Make Divorce Mediation Successful

orange county divorce mediation lawyers; The Maggio Law Firm

While divorces and legal separation are commonplace these days even after years of togetherness, it is important to ensure that the process is carried out smoothly without further hatred and ill feelings towards one another. Today, many couples decide to embrace mediation for sorting their marital issues in a civilized way while parting so that…

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The Psychology of Cheating

Orange County divorce lawyers; The Maggio Law Firm

Desire is the main cause of misery, said, Gautama Buddha. However, is desire a reason enough to break a marriage? According to psychology, no individual willingly wants to do the wrong thing. We all have a conscience and we all know cheating is bad? Then why do people do it? More than 90% of married…

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What Should You Do With Your House Post-Divorce?

Top Orange County divorce lawyers; The Maggio Law Firm

Are you and your spouse contemplating to divorce one another? The most important question for a majority of couples who are about to divorce is what they should do with their house post-divorce. In fact, the family house is typically the most important asset to split. Plus, it is not simply a property for such…

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When A Parent’s Behavior Causes Parental Alienation

Orange county Divorce Attorneys

Child custody battles are the worst and it gets even uglier when both parents start accusing each other of wrongdoings. There are many factors that are involved in deciding the custody of a child and the most important of them is the child’s preference. In states like California, a child’s preference decides who he or…

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4 Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

child custody attorneys in Orange County; The Maggio Law Firm

For many couples, a custody battle is a big headache and they try to avoid it as much as possible. For this reason, many settle for joint custody arrangements. However, even joint custody arrangements can become maddening and exhausting, especially for couples who have had a strained relationship. There are divorces where neither of the…

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Status of Student Loan Debt After a California Divorce

Best Orange County divorce lawyers; The Maggio Law Firm

Marriages come with many responsibilities and one of them is supporting a spouse with his/her student loans. Paying back the educational loan can be tough for some and becomes even tougher once a divorce takes place. Current statistics show that college students who take up educational loans end up with huge debts which become hard…

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