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Could Where You Live Make it More Likely You Will Experience Divorce?

Have you ever considered whether or not where you live may make it more likely that you will experience divorce? What about your occupation? What about…all the other little bits and pieces that make up your life? How are they all working together to the benefit or detriment of your marriage?

In case you have been considering diving down this particular rabbit hole on the internet…save some time and access a quick summary of studies, statistics and facts about divorce right here.

Divorce Facts and Stats: Did You Know?

Divorce in the United States: Close to 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce or separation. 60% of second marriages end in divorce and 73% of all third marriages end in divorce. There is one divorce in America every 13 seconds. 25% of all Americans 18 or older have been divorced.

Millennials are Lowering the Divorce Rate: Since 2016 marriage and divorce rates in the US are decreasing. Millennials are the main drive behind this trend. They are waiting longer to get married and staying married longer.

Divorce and Women: The divorce rate per 1,000 married women is 16.9. This is double the rate in 1960, but significantly lower than the all-time high of 22.6 in the early 1980s. 15% of adult American women are divorced or separated, compared with less than 1% in 1920.

Divorce and Age: The average age of those experiencing divorce is 30 years. 60% of all divorces involve people aged 25 to 39. Those who wait until they are over 25 years old are 24% less likely to get divorced. 48% of those married before they are 18 divorce within 10 years. 60% of those married between the ages of 20 and 25 will end in divorce.

Divorce by Occupation: The following professions have the highest divorce rate: dancers (43%), bartenders (38.4%), massage therapists (38.2%), gaming cage workers (34.6%), and gaming service workers (31.3%). The following professions have the lowest divorce rate: farmers (7.63%), podiatrists (6.81%), clergy (5.61), optometrists (4.01), and agricultural engineers (1.78%).

Divorce and Remarriage: If both partners in a marriage have previous marriages, they are 90% more likely to get divorced than if it had been the first marriage for both of them.

Divorce and Religion: A person with strong religious beliefs is 14% less likely to experience divorce.

Divorce and Education: Individuals who attended college are 13% less likely to get divorced.

Divorce and Politics: Conservatives are least likely to be divorced (28%) followed by Moderate (33%) and Liberals (37%).

Divorce and Geography: And lastly, where you live can impact your likelihood to be divorced. The CDC collected data indicating that the five states with the highest divorce rates are: Nevada (5.6), West Virginia (5.2), Arkansas (5.3), Idaho (4.9), and Oklahoma (5.2). The states with the lowest divorce rates are: Iowa (2.4), Illinois (2.6), Massachusetts (2.7), North Dakota (2.7), and Pennsylvania (2.8).

Divorce and Personal Habits: In 2011, Facebook was cited as a major contributor to 1.3 of divorce petitions. Pornography addiction was cited as a factor in 56% of divorces in a recent study. The risk of divorce is almost double when a mother goes out to work while the father makes a minimal contribution to caring for the children and managing the house.

If you are worried about divorce or you need to file for divorce, please get in touch with one of the experienced divorce attorneys at The Maggio Law Firm.



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