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How to Prepare for a Custody Battle

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If you are a parent in the midst of a heated divorce or if you are looking at a divorce looming on the horizon, you probably worry about the court’s opinion regarding what is best for your child in terms of custody. If you are committed to winning child custody – you need to know what you need to do and not do in order to have the best shot possible at attaining your goal.

How to Present Yourself During a Custody Battle:

Demonstrate a willingness to work with your ex. In some cases, a parent may actually lose child custody because they demonstrated an unwillingness to collaborate with the other parent. You may not like your ex, but they are a part of your kids’ lives. You need to show the court that you are willing to work together.

Exercise your parental rights. If you already have visitation rights with your kids, take advantage of the time available to you. Spend as much time with them as you can. Make sure you are doing every day, regular things like homework and chores, too.

Request an in-home custody evaluation. This can be particularly helpful in cases where the ex may be attempting to present a negative impression of your home life.

Be aware of the power of perception. It can be almost impossible to grasp, but during a custody battle it doesn’t really matter if what is being said about you is true or not, what matters whether or not the court believes it is true. Do everything you possibly can to present yourself as a loving, competent and involved parent. That means you should always arrive on time, dress appropriately for court, and demonstrate proper courtroom etiquette.

Prepare documentation. In cases where you truly believe your child would be unsafe with the other parent, for instance, due to a history or abuse, you should carefully prepare documentation of the situation, interactions with your ex, your ex’s interactions with the children, etc. Keep in mind that your ex may have similar misgivings about your parenting and may be preparing similar documents regarding your interactions.

If you need help preparing for an upcoming custody battle, please get in touch with the experienced child custody and divorce attorneys at The Maggio Law Firm today so we can be your advocate.



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