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What Happens When Parents Cannot Agree on a Parenting Plan?

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Agreeing with your spouse during divorce proceedings can be extremely difficult. Emotions are high, resentments are festering, and parents often have a hard time seeing past all of this to come to terms on a parenting plan. Too often, divorcing parents cannot seem to agree on a parenting plan.

What Happens When Parents Cannot Agree on a Parenting Plan?

Divorce Mediation: Parents seeking a cooperative approach to a divorce or separation often turn to mediation. This type of cooperative approach to divorce and child custody can strengthen the conflict-free environment and create a firm foundation for a successful, long-term co-parenting relationship. It allows parents to begin their co-parenting knowing they worked together to create a parenting plan that works for everybody; they start in the spirit of cooperation. It creates a much smoother transition into post-divorce family life.

Court Involvement: When contention and conflict are the main inspiration for action during a divorce case, parents can quickly find themselves in court. Landing in the courtroom means spending significantly more money and time, and in many cases, going through the court only increases contention. In particularly contentious cases, conflict can reach a point that leaves the family without the option of co-parenting peacefully.

Custody Evaluations: When the lines of communication between parents break down or when trying to develop a parenting plan based on mutual agreement is not appropriate, a court-ordered or parent requested custody evaluation may be needed. The courts look to custody evaluations to help them decide the best way to arrange parenting responsibilities after a divorce. They can also help parents agree without the final decision being left in the hands of the court.

Coming up with a comprehensive parenting plan together is the best scenario for almost every divorcing couple, but in more and more cases, one or both parties are not willing to compromise. Conflict becomes a priority, and shared parenting arrangements suffer. When this happens, the courts must step in and handle creating the parenting plan for the divorcing parents. Courts are often extremely busy, and the decision regarding a family’s future custody and visitation arrangements is usually made in a short amount of time. This is not the ideal situation.

If you need help creating a mutually beneficial parenting plan or if you need to file for a California divorce, please get in touch with one of the experienced divorce attorneys at The Maggio Law Firm today.



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