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Dealing with Parental Alienation During a California Divorce

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What is parental alienation? More and more divorcing parents are running up against questions about this increasingly familiar term. And more importantly, they want to know how to deal with parental alienation during a California divorce.

Defining Parental Alienation: Parental alienation is a situation in which one parent acts in a manner that purposefully influences a child or children to reject their other parent by undermining or thwarting the child’s relationship with the other parent. The purpose of parental alienation is often to allow one parent to gain or retain custody of the child or children.

Behaviors that May Lead to Parental Alienation Claims:

·     Refusing to let the other parent see or visit the child

·     Refusing to allow the child to talk to the other parent on the phone

·     Providing incorrect information to the other parent about special events, so it appears the other parent chose not to attend

·     Creating the idea that the other parent is dangerous

·     Throwing out gifts or mail that the other parent sent to the child

·     Creating an idea for the child that they must choose a side

·     Talking badly about the other parent to or in front of the child

Parental alienation harms the child, but it also hurts the alienated parent. The alienated parent suffers through the involuntary loss of contact with their child. The loss generally impairs their relationship. In severe cases, the loving bond the alienated parent once had with their child may be destroyed. Parents suffering from parental alienation should seek out support groups and counselors experienced in handling parental alienation cases. Understanding what is happening and interacting with others who have dealt with similar circumstances can be helpful for parents attempting to cope with this horrifying scenario.

If you are attempting to deal with parental alienation during a California divorce, please don’t waste any time. Get in touch with the experienced California divorce attorneys at The Maggio Law Firm today.



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