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Do Divorce Support Groups Really Help?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2016 | Divorce

A divorce can shake anyone’s world. For most people, the end of a marriage is a harrowing experience that can be difficult to recover from. When you are facing a divorce, you will be overcome with feelings of confusion, anger, and grief. At the same time, you have to deal with the financial, legal, and familial aspects of the separation. While you struggle during this difficult time, other people may not be able to fully understand what you are going through. The problem is, it is at times like these that you need their support the most. No doubt, a divorce is isolating. You need to reach out to people who can help. Family members and friends will support you. But sometimes, you need someone who is or has been in your shoes. A divorce support group gives you that chance to interact with people who have gone through situations similar to yours. The first step to recovery is to locate the right support group for you.

How can you find the right divorce support group? There are several organizations and clubs in and around your city that are actively involved in helping people who are going through divorces. Check online for support groups close to you. Newspapers can also be a good source of information on these groups. Speak to your friends and family members and find out if they know of any support groups. You could also reach out to doctors, therapists, or local mental health clinics in your area. They could easily direct you to groups that could help you. Your lawyer might also know of some of these groups and would be more than willing to help. If you are comfortable with the idea, you could also ask for tips on social media pages. Reach out to friends who have been in similar situations as yours. They might have attended some of these sessions themselves.

How do divorce support groups help? One of the worst feelings you experience after getting a divorce is loneliness. These support groups help you avoid loneliness as you get to interact with people who have gone through similar instances. Sometimes, it is easier to speak to someone who is not intimately involved with your situation. People in these support groups are usually going through various stages of divorce, so if your separation has just begun, you can speak to them and learn how they are coping. Your group will have a facilitator whom you can reach out to if need be. If you live in Orange County, California, you could contact groups and workshops like ‘A New Beginning’ and ‘Free to Love Again’ for help during this difficult phase.