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Top Challenges in a Grey Divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Divorce

Today, the number of grey divorces or divorces past 50 has increased at an alarming rate. While the overall rate of divorce has been more or less stable in many nations, divorces in couples who are more than 50-years-old have gone up drastically. Often such couples even have grandchildren. It just goes on to prove that a couple may divorce at any stage of their life and not just at a young age.

Though the decision to file a divorce is a process that can alter the entire course of one’s life and is a difficult decision, the challenges that pop up when couples divorce at a later stage in their lives are even greater.  Some of these challenges are loneliness, great financial difficulties and a significant transformation in lifestyle. These are some specific factors for older couples to consider while they contemplate divorce.

Changes in lifestyle that accompany a grey divorce

While an older couple contemplates filing a divorce, they should take into consideration the changes in their lifestyle after the divorce comes through. For instance, when spouse devotes practically two to three decades of his or her life to their partner, it can be pretty tough. However, often the benefits are more as compared to the possible challenges. For instance, children are now grown up and do not require attention. So there is no such pressure or compulsion to continue marriage just for the sake of children. It could have had a higher importance when one considers taking a divorce at a younger age. So, no matter what the reasons are to opt for divorce at an older age, perhaps it can actually be a fresh start

Feeling of loneliness in a grey divorce

It is very likely that one or both partners may experience a great deal of loneliness after they separate. After all, they have spent several decades in each other’s company and have got accustomed to sharing their house and life for so long. A Grey couple may find it quite stressful in the beginning to get habituated with such big changes post the divorce. Very often, the children in such cases are independent, live separately and are growing up. So it will be like an empty nest after the divorce. A Grey couple should hence start indulging into traveling; dating enjoys retired life, make new friends and so on.

Financial issues related to a grey divorce

Now, this can be a big obstacle to overcome when the couple is nearing the age of retirement. Plus, after staying for so long, it may be a difficult task to split their marital assets as they have purchased and invested in several assets.