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Time is running out to work out a summer custody plan with your ex 

On Behalf of | May 6, 2021 | Child Custody

School will be of session for the year in a matter of weeks. Like most Americans, you’re likely planning to go on vacation for a change of scenery this summer. What does your parenting plan say about your ability to do that? It’s time to check and see.

You may find yourself needing to negotiate a new agreement before you take off this summer, depending on what it says. 

Considerations to take into account when making vacation plans

You should consult with your ex as soon as you have some semblance of an itinerary in mind for your trip.

You’ll want to see if the dates you’ve chosen for your vacation are workable per the custody plan or an agreement with your co-parent. If your vacation plans intrude on your co-parent’s time with the children, you’ll need to come to this conversation prepared to offer concessions in exchange for their cooperation with your plans. For example, you might want to agree to allow your child to spend an extended time with your co-parent before you leave or return. 

It’s critical that you are clear enough in your plans to provide your ex with a general idea of your destination. This discussion may also give you a better idea of how willing your ex is to consent for your child to deviate from your parenting plan. Such discussions are particularly important if you plan to travel abroad and need your ex to write a letter providing their consent for you to do so. 

You and your ex will also need to have a conversation about how you’ll ensure that your child maintains communication with them while away — including how often and by what methods.

Arranging your summer custody schedule

While it’s ideal if conversations about summer plans go smoothly, they often don’t. An attorney can help you negotiate with your ex in hopes that you can move forward with your vacation plans this summer.