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3 tips that may help you simplify your California divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Divorce

Everyone talks about how emotionally exhausting it is to get a divorce in California. While this is true, divorce can also be physically exhausting. You have many tasks to complete before you can walk away from your marriage, free and clear.

Unfortunately, some divorces will remain complicated no matter what you do to make things simple. For example, when the other spouse is resistant to a divorce, they often work to complicate matters even more.

Try these three simplification tips

If you and your spouse both agree that divorce is your only solution, your efforts to simplify the process will likely succeed. We suggest getting an early start on the simplification tips discussed below.

  1. Learn the law. We believe it serves your best interests to learn about California divorce laws, especially the rules addressing property division and child custody. These two areas are responsible for most of the disputes divorcing couples experience.
  2. Attempt a settlement. It is also in your best interests to try and reach a divorce agreement with your spouse ahead of filing. If you can resolve child-related matters and property division issues before your divorce, it will simplify the entire process. Even if things become complicated, your attempts to reach an agreement can give you a head start on negotiations.
  3. Consider professional guidance. If you build a team of professionals to guide you through your divorce, it could help you address (or perhaps avoid) conflicts with your spouse. Candidates to consider adding to your team include a legal representative, a financial forensics expert and a mental health professional.

If you take a simplified approach to your divorce, you may be surprised at how much easier it is to end your unhappy marriage. We also recommend starting your divorce proceedings as quickly as possible.