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Why do so many May-December marriages end in divorce?

When you find someone that makes you feel happy and loved, you probably care little (if any) about their age. Some May-December relationships work and last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many others end in divorce despite the love these couples shared. Sometimes, the...

Addressing your fears about parental abduction

Breaking up with a co-parent is always hard, even if you never married each other. Typically, both parents feel they deserve unrestricted access to their children. When a court disagrees and gives a larger custody share to one parent over the other, it often leads to...

3 reasons why gray divorce remains a trend

Since the 1990s, researchers have investigated the rise in divorce rates in couples older than 50 years of age. Those studying it often position the trend against younger age groups that have seen divorce rates decline over the same period. Termed “gray divorce,”...

What happens if my ex won’t pay child support?

You finished the complicated and emotionally exhausting process of filing for divorce. Everything is settled, and your parenting plan is in place so you and your ex both understand the custody arrangement. You finally start to feel like you can begin to move forward...