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What To Know About Filing Documents With Orange County Family Court During Covid-19 Crisis

BREAKING NEWS: This information supplements the previous 3/23/2020 order of the Orange County Superior Court. Pursuant to the 3/24/2020 order of the Orange County Superior Court, as a result of COVID-19, Orange County Family Law Court is temporarily closed. All non-emergency matters through June 1st are being continued by order of the Court. For domestic…

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Does an Orange County California Divorce Court Treat Debt and Property Equally?

Are you filing for divorce in Orange County, California? If so, you probably wonder how California divides property in divorce cases. In almost every case, a divorce case involves the division of property. The division of property in divorce includes both real property and personal property. Real property refers to real estate like houses, rental…

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How Business Owners Can Avoid Losing Everything in Divorce

According to the American Psychological Association, 40-50% of married couples in the U.S.A. end up getting a divorce. For business owners, these escalating statistics of divorce can carry additional consequences. Many couples tie their businesses (purposefully or inadvertently) to their spouse. When they eventually face a divorce, they can not only face personal emotional and…

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Major Life Events that Can Lead to Divorce

There are many stressors and changes that occur throughout life. It’s a natural evolution, and while stressors do not lead to marital problems or divorce, as a rule, they do tend to be present in many cases of divorce. In some instances, stressors that lead to divorce are catastrophic, but in other cases, stressors may…

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Why Get Divorced When You’re Already Separated?

If you are legally separated, you may wonder why you need to get divorced. For some, the benefit of divorce over legal separation is not apparent. Is there a reason to get divorced if you are already separated? First, consider the legal definitions. Legal separation is a legal arrangement by which a couple remains married,…

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Mistakes to Avoid When Divorcing Over 50

Did you know that divorce rates in the United States are declining? That is, divorce rates are declining in the United States except for those who are over 50 years of age. Just a few decades ago, only one in ten spouses who split was over the age of 50, but today one in four…

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Do California Courts Favor Mothers in Child Custody Cases?

If you are getting divorced in California and you wonder if the California court favors mothers, you aren’t alone. Parenting, under any circumstances, is hard. When divorce arrives on the scene, followed by custody disputes, the difficulty intensifies. Parents in this situation often find a lack of legal knowledge leads to doubts and misconceptions. One…

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Do California Courts Favor Fathers in Child Custody Cases?

If you are getting divorced in California and you wonder if fathers are favored in California child custody cases, the answer is no. Statistically speaking, when courts do not favor a father in child custody cases, it is not because of their gender, but rather because the other parent was the primary caregiver of the…

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Religious Practices and California Child Custody

If you are a parent getting divorced in California and you and your spouse are of different faiths, you may have run into difficulties. Religion is not generally a custody issue on which parents are willing to compromise. Immovable convictions can mean an inability to come to a resolution outside of court with the problem…

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Do Significant Differences in Parental Incomes Affect Child Custody?

Many California parents facing divorce fear losing custody of their children. In some cases, the fear is warranted. In other cases, it is not. One concern that is more urban myth than anything else is that the court will award custody to the parent with a higher income. A significant difference in parental incomes is…

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California Divorce Process: What are Preliminary Financial Disclosures?

Preliminary financial disclosures are a required step in the California divorce process. Without the preliminary financial disclosures, the judge will not grant the divorce. Parties can face severe consequences for negligent or willful omissions of assets or debts on the preliminary financial disclosures. So both parties in the divorce must be completely transparent when preparing…

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