730 child custody evaluations


Do’s And Don’ts of Dealing With Abused Children Of Divorced Parents

More than often, children end up becoming victims of divorce. And sometimes, they are the reason why parents get divorced. The latter is common during child abuse cases. Child abuse includes physical, psychological and sexual harm inflicted on the child. Child neglect and abuse is a major ground for divorce and most states including California award custody to the other parent without much pressure. However, once the child goes back to the caregiver, there are certain do’s and don’ts to follow while dealing with them. Do’s First and foremost, get your child(ren) individual therapist with a therapist licensed in your…


Tips On How To Prepare for A Child Custody Evaluation

In family law and divorce cases where parents cannot work out a custody arrangement, and in situations where custody is hotly-contested, one option in addition to the testimony of the parents and third party witnesses is what is known in California as a “730 child custody evaluation.” What is a 730 child custody evaluation?  Essentially, it is a court-ordered child custody evaluation under California Evidence Code section 730 wherein a private forensic child custody evaluator conducts a detailed psychological evaluation of the parents and interviews with collateral third party witnesses (including teachers, physicians, therapists, family members, friends, etc.) which assists…

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