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Active Military Personnel & Divorce


How Retirement And Pension Benefits Are Divided After A Military Divorce

For military service members, the pension is part of the many retirement benefits they receive after their service. For non-military divorces, retirement benefits and pension plans are also treated as property and get divided accordingly. Except for few changes, it’s not much different for military personnel either. In a court of law, a service member’s retirement and pension benefits are treated as valuable assets during a dissolution of marriage. Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act was passed in 1982 by Congress and allows courts to treat retired pay in the same way as…


Protections Available To Active Military Personnel During A Divorce

Overview Divorce can be a confusing and complicated matter for couples. Military couples face the same issue. Usually, a military divorce is looked upon as a civilian matter and is handled a civilian court. If you are in the military and are heading for a divorce, then you will follow mostly the same procedures as a civilian. However, there are certain Acts and unique laws applicable only for military divorces. One of the benefits in a military divorce is that you won’t be charged for the legal assistance services. Both service members and their spouse can enjoy the services free…

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