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alcohol and substance abuse


Child Custody For Parents With History Of Substance Abuse

One of the important grounds on which parents can lose custody battles is having a history of substance abuse. Parents who struggle with substance abuse often have a strained relationship with their children and it plays a major part in family court proceedings.  If a court finds a parent guilty of alcohol or drug abuse, it can affect custody.  In serious cases, Child  Protective Services (CPS) can also intervene and remove the children from the addict parent. In some cases, the parents are arrested and charged with child neglect. Effect on custody During a divorce proceeding, the California courts will…


Handling Substance Abuse In Your Divorce

Most people, not being able to handle a stressful situation, look for ways to forget about the things that have been troubling them. This usually leads them to alcohol and drugs which, despite being only a temporary refuge, cause them enough relief for a few moments to want to try them again and again. Before they’re even aware of it, they’re addicted to the feelings of relaxation that these things can bring. Thus starts a downward spiral towards alcohol and substance abuse and further depression. Dealing with the pressure Divorce – being one of the most stressful things that can…

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