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Considerations In Determining Spousal Support

Spousal support or alimony is one of the most burning issues of a divorce or a legal separation. Many a times, the spouse who is required to make a hefty support payment might feel that it is quite unfair for him to carry on with the financial obligation towards their ex spouse even when the actual relationship ends. However, in order to make the alimony settlement with due fairness, there are several considerations that a judge must keep in mind while deciding upon the final verdict. Duration of the marriage or domestic partnership In cases involving a long term or…


Things To Know About California Spousal/Partner Support

In many divorce or legal separation cases, the court of law may arrange for a monthly financial support that one of spouse has to contribute to for his/her partner. The court of law stipulates a fixed amount called spousal support, partner support or alimony which has to be paid by one party to the other on a monthly basis. When to request for a spousal or partner support? One of the domestic partners or spouse can file a case for obtaining alimony in the court of law in the event of a divorce, legal separation, annulment or a restraining order…


Should You Opt For Monthly or Lump Sum Alimony?

When you divorce your spouse, the question of alimony always rears its head. Whether you’re the person paying it, or the person rearing it, there are several ways in which these funds can be disbursed, and you need to know the benefits and difficulties attached with each one. The two most common methods of carrying out alimony payments is either through a lump-sum “buy-out” payment or otherwise by monthly payments. Person receiving alimony, lump-sum  Pros: One of the biggest benefits in taking a lump-sum alimony payment is that it does not require you to worry about your spouse suddenly stopping…


Understanding The Basics of California Alimony Laws

Alimony aka Spousal Support is perhaps the trickiest element of a divorce. It goes without saying that the one who has to pay does not want to pay, and the one who has to be paid wants to be paid higher. Despite the guidance of the existing legislation and legal mandates in California, bringing both the parties involved to a common ground is more than just a challenge. What ensues is a bitter battle between the two parties, which more often than not, eventually finds itself in Court. Temporary Alimony vs Post-Judgment Alimony Divorce case settlements can take any amount…


Frequently-Asked Questions About Spousal Support

You are thinking of filing for a divorce and there are a lot of things worrying you. Alimony or spousal support is surely going to be one of them. Alimony is quite a sensitive issue and there are always questions regarding it. This article aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding spousal support in California. What is spousal support? Spousal support is more commonly known as alimony. In cases of divorce or separation, spousal support is paid when one spouse earns substantially less than the other spouse. The amount is decided by the court. What are…


Understanding What Is Temporary Spousal Support

Temporary spousal support is generally awarded when one spouse earns substantially less than the other spouse. The Superior Court of Orange County, California has determined that temporary spousal support can be obtained pursuant to a filing of a Request for Order to obtain temporary court orders before the final trial date. In California, in order to claim spousal support, parties have to be married or be registered as domestic partners. Calculating spousal support The greater the difference in income between the parties, the higher is the support amount. An informally adopted guideline determines the support. 40% of the income of…


Who Pays Alimony in Divorce?

Every time you hear the word ‘alimony,’ you are probably thinking of a man writing out all of his monthly salaries off to his vengeful ex-wife. It is normally taken to be that way in popular culture. Movies and TV shows often use this as a device for easy comedy. The loser husband going broke every month while the woman in question has an easy life spending all that money. It works as a plot device, but in real life, this is not the case. In fact, in a lot of ways, it can be quite misleading. If you think…


How is Alimony Calculated?

When a couple files for a divorce and the proceedings have begun, the court may be inclined to award one of the former spouses alimony based on a decision it makes or an agreement that has been reached by the couple. Alimony or spousal support can be described as a support system that limits the unfair economic effects that a divorce could have on the spouse who is unemployed or earns lesser among the two by paying a continuing income. One justification for the alimony is that one of the spouses may have decided to step back from a career…


What Are The Conditions Related To Spousal Support Post-Divorce?

Alimony (spousal support) is the legal obligation of one person to financially support his or her spouse before or after marital separation or after filing for a divorce. The state family laws will affect the conditions of payment of alimony or spousal support in the United States. Initially, it was always the man who would have to financially support the woman post the divorce but nowadays the U.S. state family courts assess the financial position of both parties before deciding who will pay whom alimony. Factors affecting alimony in the U.S.  In the United States, each state varies from the…

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