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Contempt of court


What Violations of Divorce Orders Justify A Contempt Filing?

In the event of a violation of an order stipulated in the final decree of divorce, the court has the right to take immediate penal action against the party held in contempt of court. A contempt of court can result in either civil or criminal penalties, in accordance with the seriousness of the violation and…


What Is A Contempt Action In A Divorce Case And How Do I File It?

The final decree of divorce announced by a court of law is legally binding on both the parties involved in the lawsuit. In other words, it is a legal obligation on both the spouses to fulfill the demands of all court orders regarding the various aspects of a divorce verdict such as child custody, visitation,…


The Basics of How to File for Contempt of Court in Divorce

In California, contempt of court orders can lead to quasi-criminal proceedings. Violations of divorce and family law issues can all be brought to the notice of the court. A contempt of court order can be filed to remedy the violation. The Petitioner will have to file an Order to Show Cause and Affidavit for Contempt…


Bringing Contempt Actions In Family Law Cases

A contempt of court order regarding divorce or family law cases can be filed in California courts. Both husbands and wives can file for contempt of court against their spouse when they refuse to follow the court order. A contempt of court order is very useful but it is hardly used in divorce cases. Contempt…

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