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Custody & Religion


Religious Practices and California Child Custody

If you are a parent getting divorced in California and you and your spouse are of different faiths, you may have run into difficulties. Religion is not generally a custody issue on which parents are willing to compromise. Immovable convictions can mean an inability to come to a resolution outside of court with the problem quickly escalating to contentious levels. How Do Courts Decide Whose Religion the Children Follow When Parents Cannot Agree? Sometimes when parents divorce, they do not agree on the significant issues. One of these big issues is religion. Should the children follow their mother’s faith or…


The Effect of Religion on Child Custody Issues

Considering the fact that the number of inter religion marriages is on the rise, the process of divorce has become a tad too difficult to manage. One of the chief concerns in the separation or divorce of parents of different faiths, is to decide the religion the child will follow. Despite the fact that the issue has been discussed at length in several courtrooms across the country, the ultimate result has hardly been anything, remotely agreed upon. More often than not, the courts have decided upon such child custody issues, using different standards and guidelines for different cases involved. The…

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