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Death and divorce


How Is A Divorce Proceeding Affected When One Spouse Dies?

Going through a divorce can be emotionally and physically challenging but imagine if your spouse passed away during the divorce proceeding. As it is, divorce is a complicated process and in such situations, it becomes even more complicated. In California, it can take almost six months for the divorce to end during which anything can happen. It is a rare thing for a spouse to die during a divorce proceeding but what should you do if you face such a situation? Death before divorce If the death occurs during the divorce proceeding, then the divorce case will be cancelled. That…


What Happens When A Spouse Dies During A Divorce?

As per the California family laws, a marriage will be accepted as terminated only in the event of divorce, annulment or the death of either spouse. In the event of a divorce petition being filed, as soon as the couple files for the dissolution of their marriage, the couple is regarded as ‘separate’ from that point forward. Such a separation is considered only until the final court verdict is announced regarding the change in the marital status of the couple, or either of the spouses dies. In the event of a spouse’s demise after a divorce petition has been filed,…

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