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Depositions & Discovery Requests


All You Need to Know about the Divorce Discovery Process

Many times, in order to win the situation and obtain a favorable final verdict, a spouse might attempt to keep his or her assets undisclosed or hidden from the law during a divorce litigation process. In California and most other states, the law provides divorcing partners with a powerful legal tool known as the ‘discovery process’ that can effectively help them in uncovering the hidden income and assets of their spouses. The discovery process can be broadly classified into three basic categories or forms. Written discovery Interrogatories or ‘requests for admission’ are a set of written questions that you can…


Divorce Depositions in California – What to Expect

Divorce depositions (sworn evidences during the divorce proceedings) in California are not very common. Depositions can be really expensive. The fees of the lawyers for such legal procedures are quite high. Even the court reporters charge you high rates by the page for creating such transcripts and for providing you with certified and original copies. Most of the time, divorce depositions are not necessary at all because all divorce cases are not complicated and there may not be too many contested issues to deal with. Divorce depositions are helpful if the lawyer doing it is prepared and experienced. Also, depositions…

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