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Divorce and Health Insurance Coverage


Considering Healthcare Options For After Divorce

Healthcare is of prime importance for anyone, especially those who are 50 and above years of age. It is vital for someone at that age in the middle of a divorce. The trick to maintain a quality of healthcare coverage is to act quickly. Search for replacement coverage and try to keep the existing coverage as soon as you know that your marriage is about to end. Inform your attorney as soon as possible if you have an inkling that your spouse could fail to pay the required premiums or drop the employer provided insurance coverage. In case you are…


Can I Retain My Health Insurance Coverage after a Divorce?

In a majority of complicated divorce cases in California, there is often a partner who is constantly fretting over whether or not he or she will retain the health insurance coverage after the divorce. The health insurance costs in America are extremely high, and losing on such enormous amount of money can be a huge setback for most. If a partner does not retain the health insurance coverage of his or her ex spouse post a divorce, he or she might have to obtain a fresh insurance from the open market, which will often imply a substantial investment. When does…

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