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Divorce and name changes


How to Change Your Name During or After Divorce

Divorce is demanding. A person getting divorced must figure out how to handle a new financial situation. They have to engage in stressful negotiations. They may need to cope with the turmoil of custody battles. In the midst of everything going on during a divorce, it’s not surprising that changing your name falls to the bottom of the list for many. However, for others, reclaiming their maiden name is a top priority. They see it as a means of restoring a sense of self and declaring their freedom. How to Change Your Name During Divorce: If your divorce is not…


How To Change Your Name Through California Divorce

If you are in the process of getting divorced, and prefer to revert back to the name you had before your marriage, it is possible to do so during or after the divorce. This process is generally a simple one. In case you have children, do keep in mind the impact which your decision to change your name will have on them. There is a greater chance that the children will continue to use the last name of the father post completion of divorce Option #1: If divorce is already final and granted in California You must complete the following…

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