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Divorce & attorney’s fees


Who is Responsible for Paying Divorce Attorney’s Fees?

The general rule for attorneys’ fees and who pays them is that each party pays their own attorney. In some other jurisdictions it is regular practice for the “loser” to be held responsible for the “winner’s” attorney fees, but that is not the American rule. However, even though it isn’t the rule, one party may be required to pay the other party’s attorney fees depending on the circumstances of the case. In a divorce case, there is a Petitioner and a Respondent. The Petitioner is the party who filed (or petitioned) for divorce. When filing, the Petitioner can ask for…


Can One Spouse Ask The Other To Pay Lawyer Fees In A Divorce?

Multiple situations can arise when a court judge can order one spouse to pay the lawyer’s fees of the other spouse. A domestic partner or spouse can request this in the beginning of a legal separation or divorce. This can be applied to other family cases as well. The court can ask one spouse to pay for the other even if the couple in question are unmarried. They can be a part of the domestic partnership. Few examples of these kind include domestic violence cases or spousal support cases. Another third situation is there as well: the court may ask…

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