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Divorce & College Expenses


Studying the Impact of Parental Divorce on College Students

Many parents considering divorce will postpone or delay proceedings until their children are “older.” While every case is unique and every child will be different, divorce is difficult on children regardless of age. Studies indicate that parental divorce still has an impact on college-age children. If you are getting divorced and you have college-age children, keep in mind that studies have shown the situation more significantly impacts girls and that the father-daughter relationship in particular generally sees a more considerable change in the psychological separation process. The older a child is when their parents get divorced, the more they may…


Considering the Impact of Divorce on College Financial Planning

Divorcing parents have to manage a number of unique challenges when they plan for the financing of their child’s college education. If possible, divorced parents should cooperate and consider implementing a number of strategies to maximize the financial aid available to their college student. In doing so, they could potentially decrease the financial burden of a college education for the student and those assisting them financially. During the course of a divorce, there are many financial decisions that must be made. Many of these financial decisions will impact what information ends up on your child’s FAFSA (the form submitted to…


Status of Student Loan Debt After a California Divorce

Marriages come with many responsibilities and one of them is supporting a spouse with his/her student loans. Paying back the educational loan can be tough for some and becomes even tougher once a divorce takes place. Current statistics show that college students who take up educational loans end up with huge debts which become hard to pay. In a marriage, the debt can be cleared by both spouse but it’s not as easy as it sounds. It can get complicated and after a divorce, students loans can look like a huge burden. Finances are an important factor when it comes…


How To Handle College Funding for Children After A Divorce

According to studies involving the topic of parental support towards higher education, it was found that around 29% of divorced parents provided college funding, while the figure was at 88% for intact families. Divorced parents also covered 42% of college cost, while intact families covered 77%. This brings to light the question of whether divorced parents need to fund a child’s higher education expenses. In some states, the court has the right to rule in favor of parental funding for higher education even after a divorce. However, California is not one of those states. However, if there has been a…

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