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Divorce & Immigration


Divorce And The Effect On Immigration Status

Immigration, in a few cases, can be affected by divorce. This is specially applicable for people who has immigrated to the United States based on marriage which has, until that time, not completed two years at the time the said person has gained entry into the United States. The conditional resident, if he or she wants to obtain a status of full permanent residence, should file the requisite petition with US Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS. This must be done before second anniversary of being admitted into the country. If the marriage is intact at that point of time,…


The Status of K1 Visa Fiancees After Separation or Divorce

The K1 Visa is exclusively given to fiancées who come to the U.S. to get married. Getting married is a joyous occasion and individuals who come from different countries are eager to embark on a new journey with their partners. However, all marriages don’t work out and some end in divorce or separation. In cases like these, the status of K1 fiancées become a little confusing. Usually, U.S. immigration law wants the K1 fiancée to marry his/her partner within 90 days of arrival on U.S. soil. After getting married, the couple must file for Adjustment of Status. K1 fiancées looking…

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