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Divorce & infidelity


How Does Adultery Affect Divorce in California?

Technically speaking, adultery shouldn’t play a role in your divorce as the court is not supposed to consider infidelity or any other “fault” when they grant a divorce. Judges can, however, consider any financial impact that the partner’s infidelity may have had on their spouse. In very rare cases, the judge may also consider the impact that the infidelity has on the couple’s children. Therefore, you may go so far as to say that adultery actually can affect divorce in California even though it is a no-fault state. But what is adultery and how exactly will it impact your California…


Marital Counseling Is Advisable After Infidelity

You may seriously reconsider whether staying together is a wise option when infidelity or betrayal hits your marriage or relationship. After all, when your spouse indulges in an act of betrayal, there is a possibility that something was amiss in your relationship to reach that level. That is because now one of the partners has disrespected the marriage vows. Is it still possible for both of you to work out issues of conflict and continue staying together? It will benefit you to remember that both of you were madly in love once upon a time. So, you need to find…


The Psychology of Cheating

Desire is the main cause of misery, said, Gautama Buddha. However, is desire a reason enough to break a marriage? According to psychology, no individual willingly wants to do the wrong thing. We all have a conscience and we all know cheating is bad? Then why do people do it? More than 90% of married people believe infidelity is wrong. Yet, 30%-40% marriages in California end in divorce due to infidelity. Science believes there are psychological reasons behind why this happens. Individual reasons People always try to justify their actions. The reason the saying ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’…

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