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Will New Tax Laws Complicate Divorce in 2019?

Some are saying that the 2019 tax bill is complicating divorce for women. And they are right. For those whose divorces will be finalized after December 31, 2018, there will be repercussions. The new law makes spousal support (sometimes referred to as alimony) non-tax-deductible for the payer and non-taxable for the recipient. This effectively eliminates the previous tax benefit of larger support payments. This is particularly noticeable in high tax states like California and New York where the deduction in place before the new law took effect could save top earners up to 50% in taxes. Since women are more…


Could Where You Live Make it More Likely You Will Experience Divorce?

Have you ever considered whether or not where you live may make it more likely that you will experience divorce? What about your occupation? What about…all the other little bits and pieces that make up your life? How are they all working together to the benefit or detriment of your marriage? In case you have been considering diving down this particular rabbit hole on the internet…save some time and access a quick summary of studies, statistics and facts about divorce right here. Divorce Facts and Stats: Did You Know? Divorce in the United States: Close to 50% of marriages in…


Gerald Maggio Recognized in the Attorney Journal – Orange County Edition 2018

We’re pleased to announce that Gerry Maggio, who is the owner of The Maggio Law Firm, was named the “Attorney of the Month” by the Attorney Journal – Orange County Edition. Mr. Maggio was chosen for the Attorney of the Month Award based on a combination of factors, including professional achievement, commitment to the local legal community, well-established respect among peers, and professional certifications, honors, and awards. With this award, Mr. Maggio and our family law firm were highlighted with May’s cover feature – a five-page story on his history, values, and professional focus. I’m truly honored to be recognized…


Top 4 Reasons for Long Term Marriages to End in Divorce

Today, it is not only the young couples who are going their own ways. Women and men who are over fifty are also found ending their marriages since they desire more out of their lives. Here are some of the top reasons why more long-term marriages are ending in divorce these days. Betrayal Betrayal and infidelity are not new where marriages are concerned in fact age to have nothing to do with a person is loyal to the spouse or not. In many cases, it has been observed that when intimacy between a couple is less, one of the spouses…


What Couples Need to Learn from The Jolie-Pitt Divorce

When one of the hottest and most influential celebrity couples in Hollywood, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, called it quits last year, it was bound to make it to the headlines of every form of media for quite some time. And while the gruesome details of the sensational separation intrigued many, there was more than just entertainment to be extracted from the whole episode. According to experts, there are several ways in which the “Brangelina” divorce could be touted as a learning experience for even the non-celebrity couples who are planning to part ways. Have a look! Second or third…


Understanding The Sacramento One-Day Divorce Program

Protracted divorce proceedings may soon be another footnote in legal history.  Judge James Mize in Sacramento County, CA created a program in 2013 which makes it easy and swift to divorce in a day. The program is made to cater to individuals who are unable to afford a divorce lawyer. According to Judge Mize, the program pulls in folks who languish at the bottom and who have no help and do not have any kind of representative assistance. Needed services for such an initiative are completed with the assistance of approximately 80 attorneys, miscellaneous staff and a number of law…


How Your Job Status and Divorce Go Hand in Hand

A recent study by Alexandra Killewald, done with over 6,300 couples, revealed that the most predictable factor of a divorce is the husband’s employment status. The study included many other factors, but revealed that men without full-time jobs are 33% more likely to be divorced. This study has shocked many sociologists as many predicted that financial issues would lead to divorce, not employment. The change since the 70’s The same study showed that unemployed men had a slimmer chance of getting divorced over 40 years ago, There are many reasons why this might have occurred. For starters, the role of…


Has Our Lifestyle Increased The Divorce Rates?

The divorce rates in the U.S. have been on the rise for quite some time now. Studies exhibit that nearly 40 to 50% of all first marriages in the United States end up in a permanent legal separation or a divorce. However, this figure goes up to 60% when taking into account the second marriages. The history of separation has been prevalent for as long as the institution of marriage in our society. However, the divorce rates have significantly taken a huge leap in the last fifty years. There are several factors that influence our propensity to divorce our partners….


Factors Associated With A Higher Risk Of Divorce

The concept of divorce has been prevalent in the society for as long as the tradition of marriage. Nearly half of the marriages, ending in a divorce or a separation of some kind, make them akin to a gamble. However, that does not imply that we should give up on our belief in this sacred institution. If we are aware of the factors that might lead our marriage to a divorce, we might just be able to avoid it. The declining importance of marriage in today’s society We are living in an age where we have become used to of…


What Are The Common Reasons For Divorce In The U.S.?

50% of all marriages ending in divorce in the United States is, unfortunately, a fact. Differences in income levels, personalities, education and physical appearances are just some of the many reasons why so many couples are getting divorced in the US and experts and therapists say that these reasons are very trivial especially after having spent so many years of their lives together. Divorce statistics in the U.S.  No doubt the rate of divorce has been at a stable if not slightly declining rate since the 1990’s especially after divorces could be settled out of court and child support and…

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