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Domestic partnerships


What Happens to the Community Property When My California Domestic Partnership Ends?

In California, a domestic partnership is when two adults choose to share in each other’s life through a committed, intimate relationship based on “mutual caring.” This legal definition can apply to same-sex couples or opposite-sex couples (if at least one person in the opposite sex couple is over 62 years old). Domestic partners are required to file a Declaration of Domestic Partnership with the Secretary of State by California law. California is a community property state, which means they follow the community property system for determining how they will distribute a couple’s assets when a marriage or domestic partnership ends….


Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships under California Law

California law established ‘Domestic Partnerships’ for same sex partners who choose to share their lives in a committed and intimate relationship. It is possible for the partners to sign up for a legal domestic partnership via a Declaration of Domestic Partnership (registered with California Secretary of State). Once the domestic partners are registered, they can enjoy the same benefits, rights and protections and will be subjected to all those obligations, duties and responsibilities under law which are imposed upon and granted to married couples. Dissolution In circumstances that the domestic partners decide to dissolve their relationship, they can file a…


Same-Sex Couples & Child Custody Issues

Same sex parents who are headed towards a divorce or separation have the same problems, issues, and concerns as heterosexual parents.  Avoiding a custody battle that can get very complicated not only for the couple but for the children as well is advisable.  A joint decision needs to be reached on matters such as legal custody (decision making for the child), physical custody (who the child lives with), visitation rights (how often the noncustodial parent visits), and child support. If both of you are legal parents Same sex couples can be legal parents if – Both jointly adopted the child. The…


West Hollywood: First city in the U.S. to Adopt Domestic Partnership Ordinance

The City of West Hollywood has had its fair share of memorable moments over the past several decades. Not the least of which was becoming the first city in the nation to create a memorable legal landmark by passing a domestic partnership ordinance. It was 1985 and Ordinance No. 22, adopted on February 21, was a bold action considered to be well ahead of its time largely because it was the only way to offer same-sex couples legal recognition. Today, the domestic partnership program offers committed straight and same-sex couples equal opportunities in the eyes of the law. 1985 was…

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