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All You Need to Know about the Divorce Discovery Process

Many times, in order to win the situation and obtain a favorable final verdict, a spouse might attempt to keep his or her assets undisclosed or hidden from the law during a divorce litigation process. In California and most other states, the law provides divorcing partners with a powerful legal tool known as the ‘discovery process’ that can effectively help them in uncovering the hidden income and assets of their spouses. The discovery process can be broadly classified into three basic categories or forms. Written discovery Interrogatories or ‘requests for admission’ are a set of written questions that you can…


What To Know About Subpoenas in a California Divorce

Money and assets are key players in divorce proceedings. To get the most out of their divorce, partners are often desperate to find an evidence against each other. When you are preparing for or defending against a California family-law matter, a powerful tool called the ‘Subpoena’ can be used. What is a Subpoena? A subpoena is a request, writ, or summons issued by a court of law or governing body which compels the recipient to appear in court or produce physical evidence in a case. It is a mandatory procedure which has to be fulfilled, the  failure of which results…


Use of Texts and Emails as Evidence in a Divorce

Getting a divorce is never easy, both mentally and emotionally. It is a finality which confirms the end of your relationship. There are feelings of anger, hate, betrayal, hurt, and animosity. Such feelings are common when dealing with high-conflict cases such as those involving domestic abuse or child custody and get out of hand pretty easily. When the conflict begins to border on the abuse, you can bring it to the court’s attention and request for a restraining order or modify custody terms for your partner. The law cannot request someone to modify their behavior and act nicely. Not every…

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