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Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

Are going through a divorce proceeding and are looking frantically for a good divorce lawyer? It is important to note that you should avoid hiring the first attorney you got in touch with. Selecting the right divorce lawyer to help you in getting a speedy divorce should be a crucial divorce-related decision, which you need to make. Be cautious It is possible that a close acquaintance has sent you a referral to a family law attorney but you should still need to do a bit of homework before saying yes. It is important to check the qualifications of the said…


Prenuptial Agreements Can Be A Great Act Of Prevention

A preventive approach is always better than being careless and then repent later on. This is especially true for agreements related to the spousal property. In litigations related to the division of divorce property endless hours are spent by the lawyers for disputing factors like amount of spousal support, property classification among others. However, such conflicts can be easily resolved through a premarital agreement through just a few paragraphs. Moreover, such contracts can help in other departments too like resolving contentious questions related to an inheritance that may result in expensive probate litigation. Moreover, premarital agreements can convert divorce-related succession…


Concepts About Terminating Spousal Support

Terminating spousal support is a big issue. The party that is receiving the support wants to be supported for as long as possible and the party that is paying for the support wants to end it as quickly as possible.  There are reasons for ending spousal support, such as: The person getting the support may no longer need it as they are self-sufficient The person paying the support might not be able to afford to pay for it any longer The person getting the support is making no efforts to be self-sufficient The person getting the support has remarried How…


Factors To Consider Regarding Moving During Divorce

A house is frequently the most prized financial asset of any couple. Majority of house owners are emotionally attached to their home. Due to this, the decision of whether one spouse will move out at the time of the couple deciding to divorce can be hard to resolve. Situations are unique to each couple and the answers will also be a little different. Personal safety above all If the home is wracked by domestic violence, then you must do what is necessary to secure your personal safety. This includes visiting the court for protective order and also requesting the judge…


Dividing A Business or Professional Practice In Divorce

Similar to the other assets and property, the business and professional practice is also subject to division between the two parties involved in a divorce. The first consideration to be made in the deciding upon the division of a closely held business or professional practice is to determine whether it falls under the category of separate or community property. Determination of a business or a professional practice as separate or community property  The basic guidelines of establishing a business or professional practice as a marital asset are similar to those employed for other property and estate. A business or professional…


Rights Of Parents With Disabilities Regarding Child Custody

It is a given that a divorce can be one of the most stressful and traumatic situations for most people.  For divorcing parents, there can be several considerations regarding the custody and visitation arrangements of their children. However, the situation becomes more intensely complex and overwhelming when one of the separating parents has some kind of disability to deal with. The parent with disabilities is constantly surrounded by the fear of being on the losing side of the final child custody settlements to be announced by the court. Understanding California family law on parent disability and child custody determination  Whereas…


How To Calculate Child Support in California

The calculation of the amount of child support in California is determined by a number of factors. Any child support payment includes the basic child support and health insurance coverage. There are other extra mandatory child support payments as well. Factors influencing support calculations There are mainly 4 factors that influence calculating the amount that is to be paid as support. The number of children who are permitted to receive child support. The parenting time or visitation right or custodial rights of each parent with the child. The net disposable income of each parent. But computer software programs such as…


Can I Spy On My Spouse During Our Divorce?

The state law of California discourages inappropriate spying on spouses in cases related to divorce or legal separation. Although it might seem okay to spy on your partner in a bid to catch hold of significant evidence against them, following your spouse around, using computer spyware, tracing devices on vehicles, and recording phone calls can be considered an invasion of privacy, so you should never do anything that would be considered against the law.  Use of a professional private investigator licensed by the state, on the other hand, is commonplace and can be helpful in obtaining information that could be…


Who Pays Alimony in Divorce?

Every time you hear the word ‘alimony,’ you are probably thinking of a man writing out all of his monthly salaries off to his vengeful ex-wife. It is normally taken to be that way in popular culture. Movies and TV shows often use this as a device for easy comedy. The loser husband going broke every month while the woman in question has an easy life spending all that money. It works as a plot device, but in real life, this is not the case. In fact, in a lot of ways, it can be quite misleading. If you think…


Gray Divorce: Divorcing During Your Golden Years

Divorce among seniors may not be talked about as much, but it is more common than you would imagine. Stepping into retirement, you may find time on your hands, but you may also discover that you and your partner have drifted apart. With the children long flown from the nest, you now have the independence to make this decision to live out the rest of your days as you desire. Here’s what you need to know about divorcing in your golden years. Retirement Savings Worries about your 401(k) and other retirement plans become more immediate when you go through a…

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