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Tips to Successful Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

Hiring an Orange County divorce lawyer is never an easy task. A lawyer is the person in charge of your future in court and making a mistake in that regard could cost you dearly for the rest of your life. Hence, it is recommended that before you choose a divorce lawyer for your case, its best that you meet them and have a consultation with them. This blog will highlight a few tips to judge whether the lawyer is the real deal to handle your case or not. How experienced are they? You may have heard the saying old is…


How to Propose Divorce Mediation to Your Spouse

People who are undergoing a divorce or have gone through one will know that the stakes are always high when it comes to an Orange county divorce. Increasingly for most people turning these stakes into an amicable solution that can result in an easy, amicable, and low cost divorce is possible because of mediation. Marriages though need two spouses to make and similar is divorce. The choice of how you’ll end your relation is one that depends on both of the spouses.  If you are willing to end it by going through Orange County divorce mediation, you will need to…


Is An Aggressive Divorce Lawyer the Best Option?

Some family law clients use the word aggressive when they are looking to describe what they believe to be the ideal lawyer.  What does the word aggressive mean when it used for describing lawyers? It means the lawyers that are zealous, forceful, and passionate about the case they are fighting. Aggressiveness in a divorce and family lawyer is not a bad quality.  But aggressiveness without temperament and intelligence is not only bad for your case but also expensive for you. When we talk about aggressive lawyers, there are two types of lawyers in that fit into the category: The first…


Tips To Find a Reliable Orange County Family Lawyer

Orange County family law cases are one of the most hotly-contested ones and rightly so. All the cases that go in the family law courts are regarding the matters related to one’s family, changes in it, or some conflicts. This means that Orange County family law cases are likely to garner complete commitment by the parties to win. The key to prevailing in a family law case is to have a reliable Orange County family lawyer at your disposal. Having said that, finding the right Orange County lawyer is a big challenge in itself, with the process being challenging and…


How To Make Sure Your Property Is Protected In Divorce

Orange County divorce proceedings can be complex, because these cases tend to involve aspects such as the finances and property of the spouses. Most spouses tend to dread divorce proceedings because of the uncertain future of their assets during and after the process of divorce. In this blog, we will give you steps you can follow to make sure your property stays protected all the way through your divorce. The steps are as follows: ·        Move The Documents And Personal Records To Someplace Safe In times of divorce, you need complete protection and the level of trust around you can…


What documents do I need for divorce mediation?

You may have heard that you need to prepare a mountain of paperwork in order to begin your divorce.  This probably sounds like an overwhelming task. The good news is that divorce mediation simplifies the paperwork process.  Instead of having two attorneys who want to examine every possible document from the marriage for litigation purposes, a divorce mediator asks a series of questions to determine exactly which documents are needed to fulfill court requirements and to sort out the issues. To begin mediation, you do not need any documents at all.  During the first session, the mediator will find out…


Using Forensic Accountants in Orange County Divorce Cases

Divorces can sometimes be complex. The complexity of the divorce depends on a number of factors. The most important reason at the core of most Orange County divorces whether they are complex or simple is finances. The financial aspect of a divorce is most commonly at the fore of divorces with each spouse making finances their number one priority after the children in a case. The complexities of the divorce can sometimes make the use of forensic accountants almost inevitable in some situations. In this blog, we will look at the role of the forensic accountants in Orange County divorce…


Visitation Rights for Grandparents in California

When it comes to California family law cases on child custody, most of the talk is centered on the rights of the children and the parents. The court focuses on what’s best for the children. Yet, there is another aspect of law that has been developing recently, which is about the visitation rights of grandparents. The California Family Code addresses the rights of the parents of the child’s parents. In this blog, we will give you a lowdown on the visitation rights of grandparents. Grandparents tend to be very important in the upbringing and welfare activities of the child especially…


Should You Fight Your Orange County Child Support Case?

Child support is the amount one spouse has to pay the other after a divorce or custody case to be spent on the needs of the parties’ child. Child support cases can sometimes be a little complex in nature while most commonly they are contested in courts by both parties rigorously. There are often times though, when a spouse can fight the child support case just because they can, which ultimately causes them a financial setback. Here are instances when fighting a child support case might not be worth it. The Case For The W-2 Employees That Have An Agreement…


The Lowdown On California Child Custody Laws

Children are the most important cog in the machine called marriage. To parents, their children are their greatest, most prized assets – one who they never want to leave. Yet when the parents do decide to go for an Orange County divorce, it means that the time and custody of the children needs to be divided. Child custody is governed by the California family laws and Family Code and most parents aren’t aware of what these are. It is often the case that due to the lack of knowledge of the appropriate laws and statutes, parents start unnecessary child custody…

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