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Genetic DNA testing


Establishing Parentage in the Separation of Unmarried Parents

In custody cases involving married parties, wherein a couple was married when their child was born, the court of law automatically assumes that the wife is the child’s mother and the husband his father. However, in the event that a child was born without his or her parents being legally wedded, the court of law needs to establish the parentage of the unmarried couple. A relatively recent law in California states that if the parents of a child are legally registered as domestic partners, then they will be considered as the child’s legal parents too. However, owing to the fact…


Disputing Parentage and Genetic Testing

As per the statutes of the California law, a male partner who is being established as the legal father of a child, has the right to dispute his parentage and request to undergo a DNA analysis or genetic testing to establish the authenticity of his biological relationship with the child. Since the DNA of every individual is unique and usually a child inherits several sets of DNA from both his father and mother, an analysis of the DNA coding can be a sure shot way of determining the biological relationship between the parents and the child. The parentage laws in…

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